I finished the Bawse Book and I’m such a mess right now!

Hey, folks! I’m back, quicker than usual but I have a very important reason for that.

If you follow this blog, you know that I recently got my copy of #BawseBook by mail and I decided that I wouldn’t overnight it. As fate would have it, my finals began about two weeks after I got the book and I forgot all about my plan of reading 4-5 chapters every weekend. I finally picked it up yesterday (after the creepy Butterfly Garden, I felt like I needed some kind of positive vibe in my life, really), and ended up…yes, you guessed it, finishing it in one sitting. (Sorry, bookworms can’t stop themselves. What are you gonna do *shrug*)

Anyway, there’s A LOT I want to talk about right now, which will involve me fangirl-ing all over the place because I LOVE LILY SINGH AND I’M PROUD OF IT OKAY!

But I do realize that not all of you might be as crazy as me, so for the sake of the world, I’m going to outline the things I loved about this whole book first, before I burst into full on fan-mode.

First of all, DESIGN!

Now, I don’t usually read non-fiction. I’m more of a Viking princess slays her enemies single handedly kind of a girl. However, the moment I picked up the #BawseBook, I knew Lily had outdone herself in putting it together. The chapters are divided into four parts, each one supposed to help you focus on bettering one aspect of your life, or rather on one aspect of being a Bawse, as Lily would say. These parts are then interspersed with sections called “Out of the Blue” where the author (my heart is literally bursting right now) put down two diary entry-like paragraphs, each one corresponding to her life before and after she conquered depression. There were also quotes thrown here and there and gave the book a really impressive look. It was a very unique design, in my honest opinion. Also, there are some really LIT pictures of hers at the beginning of each chapter (She’s really, really cute.), and the book is just really colourful. Just holding it, looking through it, made me feel a little lighter in my heart.

Secondly, her STYLE!

I have been watching Superwoman’s videos for quite a while now, and one of the most amazing things about her is that she just captures your attention. There is so much energy in her, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to simply watch that video and lie back down on your bed like a zombie. You will be PUMPED!

And I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to bring the same energy into the book. Reading it felt like watching a Superwoman video — a very brightly coloured, personal video — that she taped just for me, in my head. I could almost see her moving around, or gesturing with her hands, or smiling….just being herself. I LOVED that.

What this did is that it kept me engaged in the book all along. I’ve taken a few creative writing classes online and at this point, I think I can say that I can almost see patterns in the way people write. I can tell when a writing style is textbook and when it’s unconventional. Superwoman’s book is definitely NOT conventional. She doesn’t “stick to the rules” of writing and that was the BEST part (these rules are more or less made up anyway). Because if she wasn’t who she is on-stage and in her videos, in her book, the book wouldn’t have made any sense. So, YOU GO YOU BEAUTIFUL AMAZING UNICORN! ❤

Lastly, the CONTENT.

I liked how the chapters were short and to the point. This is a motivational book. It is designed to get you to understand and work towards your passion, and to inspire you. It would make absolutely no sense to fill it with long anecdotes and lengthy reflections. And Lily made sure she didn’t do that. For a first time author, I think that’s bloody brilliant!

Another thing about the content is, it’s brutally honest. She WILL call you out. If there was ever a time when you didn’t give a 100% towards something that you wanted and you blamed it on something else, she WILL make you see it and you WILL feel defensive and crappy. But you need to realize that that is not the point of this book. The point of the #BawseBook is simply that there is a Bawse is each and every one of us. We are ALL capable to achieving what we want in life, if only we are willing to work for it. All the author is trying to do, is give you a rough outline of a plan to start working with. And once you start working, she’s telling you how to keep at it, without losing focus.

So when you pick up this book, drop your defenses and get ready to come face to face with yourself. Shed those insecurities and all that pride. Just be your true self, let the book help you understand yourself, and when you find a fault, don’t get mad at yourself. Hold and accept yourself as you are. Let the mistake go, and keep the lessons with you. If you’re willing to do that, I can assure you, this book will do wonders for you. 🙂

Okay, with my limited understanding of everything under the sun, that’s about as much as I can say about the book, objectively, without getting too emotional. The next part is going to be me losing my marbles, so you can stop if you don’t want excessive fangirling. You’ve been warned


I remember,about five years ago, I watched my first Superwoman video. A friend at school suggested that I watch the video, and I had some time to kill when I  got back home so I logged onto YouTube and typed “Types of people at School Superwoman” into the search. Out popped an Indian girl with an accent that was hard to understand and I was really taken aback. A) I hadn’t really watched much of American/English television back then and any accent that wasn’t Indian just had me confused and B) CAN INDIANS REALLY TALK LIKE THAT? I THOUGHT AN INDIAN ACCENT WAS UNIVERSAL FOR ALL INDAINS!?!

Anyway, after the first shock dissipated, I un-paused the video, switched the subtitles on, and watched this girl with a huge-ass braid, a green tank and a superhero-inspired baseball cap, do something absolutely hilarious. I WAS HOOKED! In the month that followed, I must’ve watched atleast 50 videos of Superwoman. And she became a frequent topic of conversation between the friend who introduced me to her channel, and me. That’s how we bonded. And we’re still very good friends today. One of the most amazing friendships in my life was the result of that one video. I don’t even know how to thank Superwoman for it.

Since then, Superwoman has always been by go-to person whenever I was feeling a bit low (Before Doctor Who and Supernatural, she was literally the only constant ray of sunshine in my life).  She inspired me so much, I can’t even explain it. It wasn’t just that she was funny, which she was, by the way. It was that she radiated so much positive energy that you just couldn’t not smile. I remember when I had this particularly bad episode of depression at one point in my 12th standard. I was preparing for this really important entrance test and I just didn’t seem to be able to get my shit together. I would study, but it didn’t seem to impact me in a positive way. My mock test scores were dropping and I started feeling like I didn’t have a future anymore. I thought there was nothing left in the world for me and that I should just stop trying and let the world take me wherever. I didn’t know how to communicate all that was in my mind with anyone. I felt truly hopeless and really, really alone.

That was when I watched Lily Singh’s “Draw My Life” where she talked about how she overcame depression and I remember thinking, for the first time, that I wasn’t alone. I then started watching her videos whenever suicidal thoughts hit me or when I felt like I can never be normal. It didn’t “cure” me of my depression. No. But it gave me enough juice to slog through. I went ahead and cracked that test. It was later that I got better at dealing with my depression, which had turned chronic, when I sat down and tried to understand her from her videos and her answers.  And that has made all the difference in the world.

When this book first came out, I had fallen out of my Tuesday and Friday YouTube routine. I still loved Lily Singh and wanted to see her and everything, but I just wasn’t up to date with her life. However, the post about her book just made my heart explode! I was so happy that I pre-ordered it then and there. I actually adjusted my expenses in March to pay for the book from my pocket money, rather than ask my parents to give me some extra cash. I don’t know why, but it was important to me. I wanted something of my effort and time to belong to Lily.

While reading this book, more than once, I was faced with a side of me that I don’t really like. The side of me that can’t keep to habits and occasionally slacks off. And the side of me that has trouble saying “no” to things. I don’t really have a strong and solid work-plan. Most of the time, I wing it. And that’s not exactly good. Prior to reading this, I wouldn’t accept these things to myself. But right now, I do. And that really counts for something, in my opinion. I don’t know if I can ever become a Bawse, but I’m going to try. Mental and Physical illnesses are big obstacles in my life, but I’m going to try and scale these obstacles, even if I have to do it one inch at a time. I want to. And I feel like I can after reading this book.

Everything aside, one reason why I truly love this book is that I can feel all the passion and positivity that went into making it in every sentence. When I finished the book, I suddenly burst into tears. And they were not the kind of tears the came because I thought I was a terrible human or something, but the kind of tears that fill my eyes when I sit down and truly meditate, or visit a temple I love. They’re the tears that carry all the negative emotions out(at least temporarily) and leave you a little light-hearted. They’re my favourite kind of tears. :’)

Over the years, Lily has saved me many times. She’ll never know it, probably. And that’s fine. Right now, she’s that amazing person in my life that I love and respect and miss so much (mostly because I’ve taken a break from YouTube), and I can’t wait for her next world tour (because she WILL have one), so that I can finally meet her. (or pass out at her feet. Same thing).

This is probably the longest post I’ve ever written but I have no regrets whatsoever. I loved everything about the #BawseBook and would 100% recommend it. Do yourself a favour and buy this book. And if you don’t already, get on YouTube and follow IISuperwomanII. She’ll make your life so much more awesome!

In true #TeamSuper fashion,

One Love, people! ❤ 🙂


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  1. This is the same feeling a ny superwoman fan could say after reading this book . Lilly is really a bawse and she deserves all the happiness . Even I shed a tear .. when she ended the book saying ” that’s a wrap and zoop” ..I literally kissed the cover of the book after finishing it ..and I wanted to hug for writing this book . ONE LOVE SUPERWOMAN

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