Book of the week: The Weight of Feathers

After searching for weeks and waiting for a month (SCREW YOU, FINALS!), I finally got to read Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore last week.

And I was not disappointed!

I cannot possibly put in words how much I loved that book.

Now, if you know this blog at all, you know that I’m already in love with the author’s work. Her When the Moon was Ours was so beautiful, I cried just because of the way everything felt and sounded and tasted. So naturally, when I first picked up Weight of Feathers, I was expecting to disintegrate.

However, as it is with any story, the build up was kind of slow. The metaphors and similies that turn McLemore’s words to magic seemed a little forced. And I was slightly put out.

One book and two days later, I went back to the novel, and second time was the charm. Once you get past the initial stage in the book where you don’t know who looks like a potato and who is holding one, the story settles into a rythm that is absolutely wonderful.

One thing that I’ve loved about McLemore’s writing is that her characters have rich and amazing backgrounds and cultures. They bring a whole new character to the plot. Be it the superstitious mother who tries to cure her daughter by stuffing her into a pumpkin, or the grandmother who believes that the touch of a black feather is nothing short of a curse…. McLemore does a wonderful job with them, adding an entirely different perspective to your view of people.

Like I’ve said before, the story isn’t something one would go looking for if they want a plot that will boggle their minds. Weight of Feathers is a simple love story (and it even looked like an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in the beginning), that uses a few clichéd tropes here and there, and is unique in places. It’s not unpredictable and there definitely wasn’t a “OH MY GOSH THAT WAS IT!” moment for me. And to be honest, the BIG REVEAL of the story was kind of disappointing.

That being said, it didn’t matter because of the way it was written. You know how they say that even the boring-est story can seem interesting and wonderful if the right person tells it, right? Kind of like that.

After a bit of wiki-ing, I found out that this was McLemore’s debut novel. I wasn’t surprised, seeing as the poetic writing was still not as refined as it was in When the Moon was Ours. But it was close. And that worked for me.

In the end, I’d say do yourself a favour and pick up this book. It’s YA. It’s got some really wonderful characters and a romance that will tickle your toes and give you the jitters. Also, did I mention she writes really, really, really well??!

Anna-Marie McLemore’s writing is something that is here to stay. I think it’s one of a kind. If I could turn it into something physical, I would make it a quilt and crawl in it and never get out. I think that about covers it.

Again, I don’t believe in ratings but if I had to give it stars, I’d give it a galaxy.


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