The Bawse Book is here and I have things to say! 

I’ve only been skimming through the #BawseBook and there’s already so much I want to talk about!!!!

This is just awesome and incredible. This woman…This beautiful, smart and amazing woman went and wrote a book that is going to help so many people get back on track! This year has been hard, recently, and just when I thought I should just stop caring, here comes the boss punching my shoulders and telling me to get back up and start hustling.

I don’t always agree with Lily’s idea of life. And it’s completely alright because everyone is entitled to their opinion. But there’s one thing about her though. She’s a fighter. She’s a fighter if there ever was one. And she does what she does because she believes in it. And that’s one solid trait, right there.

Lily Singh came into my life when everything was just JEE and nothing was really fun. And since then, she’s been an inspiration, an idol, a role model, the idiot on the internet whom I love and so much more. And today she’s become a more constant presence in my life. She’s going to be someone I’m going to let guide me through life. She’s going to be someone who gets to tell me what to do when I’m clueless. For a while, atleast. And I’m glad to give her that place.

I’m also just so, so, so proud. I remember when she had a million-subscriber special and I remember thinking that this girl is someday going to change things. And she is doing just that! Thank you, Lily. You’ve been just amazing!

There’s many things I would still love to say about her and the book but I’m going to limit this post to a few things.

The Book has the most amazing do-up ever!!! 

As in everything else, Lily has outdone herself here. The way the book is designed, the way it presents itself to its readers…And the way she’s categorised the chapters!!! It’s all very very inviting. I can’t wait to get started!

Not that I need to say more about Lily but she’s the kindest badass there ever was. Not only does she urge us to hustle harder, she’s also trying to get you to understand your own comfort zone and she’s teaching you to prepare yourself to get out of it!

As for what I expect out of the book; I don’t know, to be honest. I hope it’ll help me handle the insane level of stress I seem to be taking on for no reason. And I hope it’ll teach me and few things about life as it does. I don’t want to be a Bawse. I just want to know that I can be if I tried. That’s about all I want this book to do to me. Give me strength and confidence.

So, dear Superwoman aka Lily Singh, when you were just a YouTuber, you were my icon and I believed in you. Today, you’re so much more than that and you’ve made me happier than ever by always proving me right for believing in you. In the six year journey that we took together, somewhere along the way, you taught me a little about how to smile through pain, how to be okay with being myself and how to believe in myself and love myself. For that, I’m very grateful. And now, I’m going to go read this beautiful piece of art you’ve created and I hope it will not disappoint me. (I kind of know that it won’t). Keep growing, Lily. Keep shooting staring for the moon, I’m pretty sure you’ll not only reach it but leave it behind. You have so much more waiting for you. ❤❤❤

P.S- I’m going to try and not overnight this book. Because books like this work better when we spend time with them, properly. But there’s a weekend coming up and don’t be surprised if I do overnight it and put up another sentimental, crazy , fangirl-y rant here. I love Lily and I can’t not show it!!! XD


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