The Musical of Love and Life.

I’ve recently watched La La Land and needless to say I’m absolutely in love with that bloody musical!!

I will try to keep this post as spoiler-free as possible but there are no guarantees to kindly DO NOT READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING THE FILM.

I’ve always had a soft spot for musicals. Being a Bollywood fan means that any movie without a song thrown in between the story with rad dance moves every 20-25 minutes is just weird. And that’s one of the reasons why I love Disney so much. Although I haven’t yet seen the beauties of the 80s, I do simply love the idea of a musical just as much as any musical buff would.

I had been meaning to watch La La Land for almost a month before I finally got around to it two days ago and it did not disappoint!

There are so many things I love about La La Land and there’s so much I want to talk about so let’s get cracking!


The Acting:

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did an absolutely fantastic job playing the roles of Mia and Sebastian.

Emma Stone has been dazzling me ever since I was a 14 y/o teenager watching Easy A, confused and shocked at the kind of stuff that apparently happened in schools. She’s, since then, been a great positive ball of fun and awesomeness and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to play this role than her. And play it she did, with so much grace and passion, it moved me to tears. My personal favourite is her rendition of the “Audition” which was magnificent!

Coming to Ryan Gosling, even though I hadn’t seen him much on the silver screen and I’ve never even watched The Notebook but I did see this really funny film called Crazy Stupid Love , which, funnily enough had Ryan Gosling paired up with Emma Stone. This is only the second movie of Gosling and he’s made me want to watch all of his movies now. He was brilliant in his own way and I loved how he incorporated all kinds of little things into his portrayal of the Jazz musician, Sebastian.

It was a wonderful pairing and a wonderful performance by the both of them.


The Music:

Oh, dear Lord, what do I say about that! Justin Hurwitz is a wizard and needs to be transported to Hogwarts immediately (I don’t care if anyone thinks he’s too old).

Jazz is and has always been the kind of music that got under my skin and gave me the tingles. La La Land, however, made me look at the genre in a completely different light. Music is so much more than just music. It’s a form of expression. It’s magic. It’s the essence of life!

And La La Land brought a little bit of that magic back into my life and I will be so grateful for that. Of all the songs there were, my personal favourite is “City of Stars.” I was so very touched when I heard that song for the first time, which, I will admit, was a cover, but I fell in love instantly and the movie only made it better. I feel like dancing whenever I hear it now!


One more beautiful thing was the how the songs just went. Wherever they were, they added to the beauty of the shot and the story. They were beautifully composed, perfectly placed and amazingly sung and it was all just a very……wrapped up in a bowtie kind of thing!

The Production Design, Costumes and everything in between:

To say that the movie was simply colourful is a gross understatement. It was all so perfectly done! The sets chosen were beautiful and gave everything the very attractive 80’s feels. The bright colours, the perfectly complimentary colour schemes everywhere on set, the costumes, the set design….everything just.. fit.

From the semi-vintage clothes that Mia worse to the décor of Seb’s to the beautiful pier to the view of the city….I was in love with how everything looked and felt.

A special mention to the set design of the heart-wrenching final few moments of the movie. That was a piece of art and it deserves all the appreciation in the world!


And Lastly,

The story and life lessons:

La La Land is not exactly a happy film. It isn’t exactly sad either. It’s kinda like life. It’s got its happy bits and its sad bits, and when it’s all put together, it becomes the beautiful thing that it is.

One of things that struck me the most about the movie was the story Mia tells as part of her audition. She talks about dreamers and I think this was a movie tailor-made for us fools who dream. We dream about ridiculous things, impossible things, seemingly unachievable things….and we have life putting us down at every step. We have all kinds of rational people telling us we’re  making the wrong decision and that we should go with the “smart choice” and here we are still, our feet in the gutters but our eyes on the stars. And even if we fall off the wagon sometimes, we know we will always go back to our dream. Because, fools we are, and fools we shall remain. That’s all there is to it really 🙂

And lastly, I wanna talk about the last part of the movie. The what-could-have-been part. It broke my heart to see it. I wont lie, I was sobbing like a baby. If the movie were a typical romantic comedy or a typical romantic musical, that’s probably how it would have gone down. Heck, I expected it to go down that way. But it didn’t. And it made me really sad to see all of it playing on the screen but not being real. But I guess that was what gave the movie its character.  And as much as I hate to say it, I wouldn’t have it another way. The movie was perfect because of what it was. So, even though it made me really, really sad, I wouldn’t hesitate to watch it all over again. Like I said, I’m absolutely in love with it. I guess Doctor Who’s Sally Sparrow was right about Sadness


It also made me realize how much life was like that movie. There’s days when things might not matter and then there’s days when even the smallest of the moments could determine our whole life. Big temporal tipping points, eh? And there’s no way we can know which is which. And there’s no way for us to control everything either, no matter how much we wish for it or how hard we try. So all we can really do is take a deep breath, accept it as it is and move on. If we missed out on one wonderful story, all we can do is hope we stumble into another.

This isn’t nearly half of what I’ve got in my mind but that’s all for now. La La Land is a masterpiece and it deserves all the attention it’s getting right now! It’s never going to replace The Sound Of Music as my favourite Hollywood musical but it came pretty darn close, so cheers to that!

Now, go watch it again just like I’m about to! 🙂






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